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Cayenne Pepper

5 oz. box

6-Pack (6 x 5 oz. box)

$3.66 per box - SAVE $2.00!

Cayenne Pepper

Mary’s REAL Thin Cayenne Pepper Crackers® will warm your hot pepper lovin’ heart. We leave the ghost peppers and scorched tongue tactics to the amateurs. We’re using real cayenne in a culinary way to create a real satisfying, positively pepper experience that is hot enough to keep you coming back for more. All organic, ingredients including the cayenne. No wheat, all heat. Take a bite. Wait for it... Oh, yeah...that’s the thing!


MGC flour blend (brown rice flour*, tapioca starch*, quinoa flour*, millet flour*), palm fruit shortening*, tapioca syrup*, chia seeds*, canesugar*, sunflower and/or safflower oil*, sea salt, cayenne pepper*, leavening (baking soda, calcium carbonate), paprika*, basil*, minced onion*, minced garlic*, xanthan gum, rosemary*, black pepper*, rosemary extract* (for freshness). *Organic. Manufactured on equipment that produces products containing soy.

Certifications & Allergen Info

  • Organic • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Vegan • Kosher
  • The taste and texture you love – without the wheat!
  • Made from REAL whole food, certified organic ingredients.
  • Delicious and dip-tastic, they'll stand up to your favorite dip!
  • Manufactured on equipment that produces products containing soy.
  • Manufactured in our own dedicated organic and gluten free facility.
  • Made in the USA